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Pet Owner Stories

Jessica W. & Louis

The Assisi Loop has changed my horse Louis's life and there is no doubt about that! I just recently celebrated one year of owning him. Now to most people that's not a huge deal but to us it was. I didn't think he would be here for it. He was diagnosed with wobblers syndrome and his body rapidly deteriorated. He got to the point where he couldn't stand on his own and could barely walk. He stopped eating almost completely and just gave up. He was done. I was frantically looking for a treatment. A good friend of mine introduced me to the Assisi Loop that she was using on her horse who had the same condition. I called Assisi immediately and they were incredible! They not only answered all my questions but they also took a genuine interest in my horses well being and recovery. I was definitely hesitant to become too hopeful based on his physical condition when I first ordered the Loop, but it has definitely exceeded any and all expectations I had for it! I call it the miracle treatment. It has no doubt saved my boys life. Louis has always been a hot Thoroughbred full of fire and passion. He has always been such a goofball. So to see this horse officially give up on life absolutely devastated me. The Loop has restored his fire and passion for life. He is back to being his happy, goofy, crazy self. The Loop has given this horse and I hope for a future when we had none and I couldn't be any more thankful than I am for the Assisi company and team coming together to save my boy! They will always hold a huge place in our hearts.


The Loop absolutely saved Satchy's life. He'd taken a terrible turn and was in so much pain that his light was dimming. The Assisi Loop arrived in the mail late one afternoon and I was able to give him 2 treatments that afternoon/evening. The NEXT morning he was lifting up his head and was definitely connected again. Today, he is up, walking (sometimes running!) around, loving me, his granny, his sister and Life. Granted, he is still in pain & limping BUT he was here for Christmas and will be here for the New Year. Something that we never could have anticipated just a couple of weeks ago.

How can I thank you folks for this incredible gift? My heart on four legs is happily munching on treats from Santa. No words, just endless gratitude for your quickly getting the unit to me and the technology that enables "us" to continue on.


I was born with what seemed to be a dislocated arm. When everyone else started walking, I fell off a deck and onto the pavement where I was left crying. Mama kissed me better, but I kept falling alot on the pavement and such. I was stuck without shelter for 3 severe thunderstorms with hail, and a massive week long heat wave. Mama looked after me best she could but didn't have the extra time I needed. So I was dying when my new mommy scooped me up and saved me.

Heather B. & Gramps

Gramps is a patient at Shiloh Animal Hospital in North Carolina. He was recently taken in by Carolina Loving Hound Rescue as a "hospice" foster with a laundry list of problems, including IVDD, severely arthritic and previously broken front legs that healed improperly, and dental disease so bad that most of his teeth required removal and left him with a partially fractured jaw. The Assisi Loop has been a godsend. He was barely walking when we got him and seemed to be in a great deal of pain. Within days of use, he was walking without assistance and was very obviously more comfortable. It has also seemed to speed his healing post dental. We've seen amazing results with other patients at our clinic, and I'm so glad I was able to help this guy with it!

Claudia F. & Theo

Honestly, Theo never stretched out like that in 10 years living here... he also played with a toy (in his mouth) for the first time in his life. That is pretty mind blowing.

Christina R. & Ollie

The Assisi Loop continues to perform well and I have been very pleased with the results we have had in a short period of time. Even with treating each hip once daily, I'm already achieving my treatment goals for managing Ollie's bilateral hip arthritis. Adding in the Assisi Loop has allowed us to reduce our use of NSAIDs. As Ollie already has congestive heart failure and is on several medications for that, I wanted to do what I could to maximize his quality of life and achieve good pain control while minimizing potential risks to his compromised physiology. The Assisi Loop has been a great addition to our therapeutic arsenal for Ollie, and he certainly enjoys the extra cuddle time he gets when we're doing his treatments!

Kevin G. and Kimi

Kimi is bringing her Assisi Loop with her to help maintain her shoulder health after using it to recover from an injury late last year.

Jennifer D. & Vegas

Vegas getting her treatment! Hip dysplasia, luxating patella, arthritis. She is unable to take most meds due to chronic pancreatitis and this has changed her life! She's a new dog, running and playing!!

Richard and Wendy H. & Max

Max has degenerative myelopathy. Max has been using the Loop 3-4 times a day for the last few weeks. He gets the treatment while he's using his wheels, usually while eating as he's stable and stationary. He has the most trouble with his right leg, which is almost completely dead. Although his walking ability hasn't really changed, he has regained a lot of sensitivity. You can tell he just feels more than he did before the treatment. He's also much more active and happy, so the Loop may be helping with discomfort and pain.

Dee L. & Bailey

This is Bailey. He's had 3 treatments a day for 3 days now and I already see improvement in his mobility. I expect to see much more improvement over the coming few weeks. The frequency coming from the Loop instantly soothes him into a deep, restful and healing sleep. Thank you, Assisi Loop

Kate C. & Sunny

On October 8, 2014 Sunny had a head-on collision with one of our other dogs while running in the field. She was flipped over and began dragging her hind-end. We rushed her to vet where she was diagnosed with IVDD. Since it wasn't a severe case (the paralysis cleared in 48 hours and there was still deep pain sensation) I decided to try conservative treatment first. She was put on Tramdol, Robaxin and Meloxicam, as well as strict crate rest for 4 weeks. Of course I posted a bit of this on Facebook once I got home and received two responses from agility friends that recommended the Assisi Loop. One used it for her dog's neck injury, the other for a back injury. They both highly recommended I look into it and talk to Sunny's vet and physiotherapist about it. I contacted Sunny's physio right away who sent me a link to the website and blog, as well as gave me a brief run down on how it worked. On October 29 Shannon from Equilibrium Veterinary Rehabilitation & Consulting Ltd. dispensed the Assisi Loop to me after our physio session. Sunny has had at least one treatment a day since then and we can now work on weaning her off her pain meds. You wouldn't know that she was cut back though! She is acting perky and full of energy. When it comes time in the evening for our "Looping" sessions she comes over to the mat and lays quietly for the whole 15 minute session. She relaxes completely and even seems to enjoy the sensation. Her pain seems to be less and her mobility has improved since her injury. Time will be the biggest factor and I am eager to see how she does on the Loop without her pain meds - which should be in a couple weeks if all goes as planned.

Colleen G. & Sox

Sox, the loyal 'loop' girl...not only does it help with chemo headaches and mild nausea BUT she only uses the loop when SHE wants it... which is incredibly helpful to me because it is a much easier way for me to know when she isn't feeling well. She has wanted the loop today... After about 45-60 minutes with the loop she is eating and bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! Amazing!

Suzanne B. & Ferdinand

Hi, I just wanted to share the images of my cat 'Ferdinand' using the Loop. He is a 'friendly feral' whose tail was pulled in Feb., 2014, dislocating several vertebrae. I've been using homeopathy and the Assisi Loop to treat his pain. He eventually had his tail amputated in September and I'm still using the Loop to try to minimize the inflammation.

Lisa F. & Jester

Jester winning the GSD Nationals. It is important to relieve pain so rehab can start. I just got one from my vet to help with pain relief as we treat a ruptured tendon in a foot. I thought Voodoo for sure. Being a nurse I know it has been FDA approved for certain uses. Who knew Jester with the Loop and other treatments is not limping anymore.

Zina C. & KarmaKat

KarmaKat was a starving, frightened feral living under my stairs when I first met her. I would leave food out for her each day and sometimes she would sneak into my cottage to watch me while I was writing or reading. After several weeks of coaxing, she finally allowed me to pat her. But the day that changed everything was the quiet afternoon I was lying on my bed reading; Karma jumped up beside me, curled into a little purring ball and promptly fell asleep. I knew in that moment, she had decided to adopt me and move in properly. That was nearly ten years ago. Since then, Karma has become a lady of leisure, lounging on plush furniture while being fed tasty treats. She is an elderly lady now and has some challenges with arthritis, so we are using the Assisi Loop to treat that. The results have been excellent and she seems to enjoy the sessions, purring as soon as the Loop is placed in position. Thank you for the gift of this healing. ?

Renee K. & Luther

Luther, my ten year old standard schnauzer, had a Iliopsoas muscle strain. With the help of the Loop he was back to running agility in no time. Thanks for helping my best friend stay pain free.

Kristin W. & the Stray Kitten

This little man is getting a little Assisi pain relief after a limb amputation. He is a stray kitten, about 8-9 weeks. A Good Samaritan brought him in to our Emergency Vet Clinic and I thought he would benefit from the Assisi Loop post op. All services were donated!

Kathy B. & Shimbleshanks

Skimbleshanks is our Maine Coon kitty and when he was 14 months old he was diagnosed with progressive polyarthritis in both knees (his left being the worst). Our vet began treatment with lasers and prednisone. With 2 prednisone per day and 1 laser treatment every 3 weeks he was able to move around fairly well but if we tried to lower the dosages he would hobble. We were referred to Dr. Andrea Cecur who recommended we try the Assisi Loop. Within 2 weeks he was off laser treatments and down to 1 prednisone per day. We are presently lowering that dosage and feel confident that he’ll soon be completely off medication! The Assisi Loop is just incredible. He’s now so quick he’s bringing us lots of “gifts” from outdoors!

Adrien C. & Marigold

This is Marigold. At 13 + year old domestic short hair. She has been through the wringer, but the Assisi Loop has helped. Her holistic vet first suggested this to help with the inflammation of her IBD. I have also used it for her hip arthritis. She just had two teeth pulled today and in speaking with a company rep, I was told this would speed her healing. So here she is with her "halo" on. My little old lady angel!

Lisa L. & Fred

Fred started with three Assisi Loop sessions per day for his arthritis. It was just after a week or so that he started feeling better. He loves his sessions and somehow he knows when the 15 minutes is up and then he hops down off his owner's lap!

Veronica & Holly

Hi from the UK. My 14 year old dalmatian Holly, is having the loop therapy twice a day on her lower back area. Originally ordered for her brother, Buddy, who had Wobblers Syndrome, who sadly passed away days before it arrived. 8 months later, Holly was struggling to walk & get up/sit down. I remembered I had sadly put it away - got the loop out 2 weeks ago, & she now gets up without pain, even more importantly, lowers herself down without pain, & yesterday, walked over half a mile with her tail wagging.

Dr. Stramm of Meridian Veterinary Center & Molly

We had a great response the day [we started] the loop. This girl was waking up from anesthesia after having dental extractions. The dog was vocalizing excessively and thrashing about. We placed the Assisi Loop around her head and within 30 seconds, she calmed down, sat still and stopped vocalizing. We then remove the Loop and the vocalizing and thrashing about began again, only to stop once we replaced the Loop. This dog did have injectable pain meds on board (opiates) but it seems the Loop had some calming and additional analgesic effects above and beyond the opiates. I will be using this on all of our dental extraction patients!!

David M. & Bob

I treat post-op recovery patients daily and can honestly say your product made a significant difference in the amount of comfort and speed in which Bob recovered.

Tanya M. & Bill

Stassi Pyne is the rider who competes in barrel racing with Bill, an award winning horse. Bill uses the Loop to help his performance, range of motion, and overall comfort in his hip. “WOW what a difference! He has the Loops on daily over his Major Gluteus Region...I get deeper into his muscle structure more quickly and he is significantly less sore and touchy. I have found the Assisi Loops to be essential to his performance and overall comfort and range of motion, in the hip.

Judy Lethbridge & the Gopher Tortoise

We received our Assisi Loop last month and we had the unique opportunity to treat a gopher tortoise with a badly damaged carapace. We thought this would make a great case to test the Loop out. The tortoise presented on 12-3 so this is still in the beginning of treatment. The difference in the wound is already impressive! We plan on continuing this case and will follow up with more photographs. Thank you very much!

Donna M. & Jasper

Jasper, my 15 yr old baby boy, was diagnosed with arthritis on June 21, 2008 (he was limping, having problems jumping and had to move himself several times to get comfortable). I started giving him Adequan injections shortly thereafter. Since that time he’s also had aquapuncture, acupuncture, laser therapy and chiropractic. All were helpful but I’ve never been able to get past 4 weeks without having to give him an Adequan injection, Then I heard about the Assisi Loop. I started using the Loop on him on September 14, 2013 2 times a day – he’s now at 7 weeks and I have not had to give him a shot. That’s the longest he’s gone without a shot in over 5 years. Jasper hasn’t had any of the other above mentioned treatments performed either, just the Assisi Loop. The added bonus is that I get to put this on him at home while he’s calm and not stressing him out taking him to the vet. This product is nothing short of amazing - I’m so grateful, and so is Jasper!

Jessica & Birdie

When Birdie tore her ACL this summer, surgery was the recommended course of action. For better or worse, we couldn’t afford the surgery, so we began to explore other options for helping Birdie recover. About a month into Birdie’s physical therapy visits, we began using the Assisi Loop at home to compliment the work we were already doing. And, now that we’re no longer going to physical therapy on a regular basis, we’re continuing to use [the Loop] twice a day as a way to support Birdie’s recovery. The Loop reduces inflammation and pain and increases blood circulation which is really important for Birdie’s continued health (and it helps with her creaky old back which is more of a chronic problem). On the days when I forget to do Birdie’s recommended exercises or when she occasionally overdoes it running around in the yard, I’m always glad to know that we have the Loop at home to help!


Toby is doing so much better than before he started the 'Assisi Portable' device. He is constantly kicking his legs when we tickle his feet and his tail sometimes moves. We are hoping he will continue to improve.

Laurie O. & Willow

The Assisi Loop seems to be helping with Willow's arthritis. I am now treating her twice a day as opposed to three times a day. Willow still has her good days and bad days, but she did jump onto the bed the other day. She normally uses the pet stairs, thus jumping onto the bed is an encouraging sign.

Angela S. & Lulu

The loop seems to be helping Lulu. The first time I tried to use it, she got a little wiggly after the first few minutes, so she did not get the full 15 minutes, but the next night, she did. Since then, she has been happily lying still until I take the ring off of her. She seems to have a lot more energy and was even running around the house the other night.

Jinn R. & Mugwump aka. Mu

I ordered a Loop for Mu (Mugwump), my large Catahoula/Shar Pei mix who had almost recovered through conservative management (movement restriction) from a torn/partially ruptured cruciate. Then, when I was out of town at the middle/end of June, he had a relapse that put him back on 3 legs only. It's only been 2 weeks since I started using the loop. The first few treatments, his leg twitched and I could see no effect from the loop. After the fourth treatment, his ears came up (they'd been laid back with pain), his mood shifted (he immediately went and bullied my oldest dog a bit-- lightly chewed on her snout, which he does when he's feeling good but hasn't done since his injury) and began weight-bearing on the injured leg for the first time since his relapse at the end of June. After one week, I moved him from three treatments a day to two a day. He WELCOMES the treatment, lifting his leg for me to apply the loop and obviously "chilling out" as soon as it's on. I believe he knows it's helping him. I want to add, I was a COMPLETE skeptic although Lil Bub's Dude's report of the miracle of her response was what drew me to the loop in the first place. I am no longer a skeptic but a convert. Even if Mu does need surgical intervention (something I can't afford right now), I KNOW he's in less pain without drug intervention and I'm extremely grateful...

Jill T-O & Bella

This is Bella and she has a narrowing between her 6th and 7th vertebrae. She also has PLE/PLN, so we shouldn't be giving her pain meds. Our wonderful vet sent us to a holistic vet who suggested we try your Assisi Collar. The collar, combined with chiropractic treatment, has made her feel like a pup again. She hasn't had a pain flair-up since we have started using the Assisi collar. We are down to "maintenance" treatment and only need to use the collar once a week. Thank you so much!

Harry L. & Sadie

Just to share with you my experience with the Assisi Loop. Sadie’s DVM is Anita Watkins. Very nice and very thorough and helpful. She is with the Harvester Animal Clinic Inc. She allowed us to try the Loop for a week on our cat Sadie. I gave her a progress report on what I found after using the Loop. Sadie had a lot of Arthritis, verified by X-rays, in her back and her back knees. I noticed a big improvement in her walking and when I use to gently put my hand on her behind she would “flinch” and drop her butt down to get away from my hand even though I did it very gently. My wife use to give her gentle messages before she started having pain. Now she looks forward to her daily messages again. Plus I don’t have to give her the Liquid pain medicine.

Suzi F. & Angel

We have been using the Assisi Loop and have had good results. We have been using it on Angel, the Rottweiler that is recovering from the gunshot surgery, she seems to enjoy it and it does seem to be helping her she appears to be using the leg more, putting more weight on the leg and has started run and play with her brother again. Thank you for sending this to us to try on our dogs.


Meet Maggie, a Shetland Sheepdog. Maggie was new to our home and she just getting to know the living room and her new pack, a big German Shepherd (Ginger) and a couple of cats when we heard her yelp. She walked out from under Ginger’s coat and had her rear left paw in the air. We took her to the vet and she returned with a splint for her broken toes. She got Assisi treatments at least 3 times a day and ran around like any puppy with a metallic ‘tap, tap, tap” every time she set that paw on the floor. She wore out her splint within about 10 days and she really didn’t need it, even though the vet had recommended it for 3 weeks. She healed very quickly and without any pain.

Rita D. & Mimi

Mimi, my 10-year-old young Pomeranian, went in for a major teeth cleaning last week. I authorized four teeth to be pulled but received a call from the vet during the process that Mimi had major decay and should have triple the number of teeth pulled. Mimi cried all the way home after I picked her up. I was fortunate that a friend recommended that I use the Assisi Loop. I started her on the treatment the first night and continued for a few days. Mimi calmed down she is resting. She is back to being her perking happy self. Thank you, Assisi Animal Health.

Margot W. & Lily

I have been doing the treatment on Lily daily for 15 minutes [for a week]. At first I didn't notice much change, but I am happy to report that last evening for the first time in months she was anxiously waiting at the back door barking for me to return home with my other dogs because she actually wanted to go on a walk herself. We went slow and I allowed her to go as far as she wanted. She went all the way to the end of the block and back again without even a rest along the way. I can't tell you the last time that happened. I am ecstatic and I think she is too, since her walks were always a favorite. I will continue the treatments and let you know of any further progress, but to be honest at 14 years old for a 90 lb dog I am thrilled if this is as good as it gets. I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to try this. I will definitely recommend it to clients.

Lisa E. & her 4 dogs

I have a ten year old Lab with severe ear infections, two nine year old Labs with back and neck problems and a five year old mix with elbow dysplasia. The Assisi ring has helped tremendously with all issues. I bought two from our holistic vet and hang them around my dogs' necks or put them on their backs at night a couple times a week before we go to bed. All of my dogs are so much happier as a result. I would not have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself.

Asa F. & Truman

My whippet, Truman, was hit by a car seven weeks ago and broke his right front leg. A metal plate and right screws were surgically inserted. We had follow up X-rays that unfortunately showed very limited healing. Truman was suffering badly from anxiety which was steadily getting worse, and we were worried that continued immobility would have a lasting effect on his mental well-being. It became so bad that he could hardly be left alone without some form of sedation. Here is a photo of Truman during his first treatment with the Assisi Loop. He was totally blissed out.

Jane B. & Millie

We are really blessed to have the Assisi Loop for our dog, Millie. During the acute phase of her arthritic episode, we took turns “looping” all of her extremities and within ten days, she was not only walking and “doing stairs” again, but able to get in a few short runs with her favorite ball in our back yard! She sleeps during these fifteen minute treatments as she finds it so enjoyable. It seems to make her pain disappear. Millie can’t explain how it works, but it does! Since then, we use the loop only when we notice, particularly on rainy days, that she begins to favor one of her limbs again. Thank you, Assisi Loop people for developing such an innovative treatment modality for pets like Millie! We recommend it to anyone who will listen!

D. McEnroe & Otis

My black Lab, Otis, has a disease called Labrador neuropathy. It is a muscle wasting disease. He has had two knee replacements from the disease. We had him on all kinds of pain meds and steroids. I found a company called Assisi and have been using the loop now for almost 2 months. His muscle wasting has stopped and he seems pain free. We have taken him off all pain drugs. Otis comes and gets me every night to get his treatments so they must feel good. I am not sure how he tells time but he comes and gets me every night about 8:30 pm no matter what I am doing. The loops have been a GODSEND. We have seen such great results.


Bronte had a fall and was unable to walk very well, she had a severe limp. Dr Gladstein diagnosed her with brachial plexus injury and bicep's and supraspinatus tendinopathy. With the help of prolo therapy and using the Assisi loop 15 minutes twice a day for 3 months she is doing well and completely recovered. Thank you so much for creating this little wonder machine - it fast tracked Bronte's healing.

Marcy & Sheba

Here's a pic of my Great Dane, Sheba wearing her Assisi Loop (pictured with Dr. Shoemaker's vet tech). It's pink because I've covered it with plastic wrap and then an outer layer of pink duct tape (of course pink--she's a girl!). It's covered to protect the Loop from coat oils and slobber.

Sheba has Wobbler's and the Assisi Loop is one of the therapies she receives from Judith Shoemaker at Always Helpful Veterinary Services. After two and a half years with Dr. Shoemaker and about two years with the Loop, Sheba is completely symptom free. She wears it 20 minutes twice a day.


Titan was diagnosed with Wobblers around the age of 4. I must say that after many many different forms of therapy, he is doing remarkably well at 8.5 years young I believe in alternative therapies, along with some traditional so when I discovered the loop and its benefits, we haven't been without one! Titan receives 1-2 fifteen minute treatments daily and I feel like he really enjoys that time. He seems so relax the moment I put it on. It is a product I highly believe in and feel it has helped control the symptoms of his Wobblers tremendously! Thank you Assisi for creating such a miraculous product!